NGOs are encouraged to submit written and oral statements on the topics of the three separate panels of Geneva Peace Conference. The purpose of accepting such statements by the NGOs is to share different experiences, commitments or contributions to the goal of peaceful coexistence, including recommendations, policy advices, innovative success stories, best practices or initiatives.

Please explain the general characteristics of the success stories or best practices, the issues faced and the strategies used by your NGO to overcome these challenges.

Written Statements

NGOs submitting their written statements must adhere to the following guidelines:


  • NGOs shall submit their written statements via Geneva Peace Conference  website.

  • Written statements should be submitted in English.

  • Statements should not exceed 2,000 words.

  • Please use Times New Roman for your manuscript and double-space it.  The start of a new paragraph should be indicated with a double line break.

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Oral Statements

NGOs submitting their oral statements must adhere to the following guidelines:

Sign-up period for requests to make an oral statement: 14 October 2014

  • Oral statements will be delivered in English at the end of each panel session.

  • Oral statements should not exceed two minutes (that is, about one page double-spaced using font size 12).

  • Interventions at the sessions should NOT be in the form of prepared statements and NGOs are therefore not required to submit copies of such interventions. These interventions must take the form of comments or questions to the speakers on the sessions. Interventions are not to exceed two minutes.

  • For each session, a limited number of statements will be selected due to time limit.

  • In case NGOs submit both a written and an oral statement with a similar content, the written statement will have the primacy of being accepted.

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If you have questions concerning the submission of your statements please contact

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