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First Ambassador’s Luncheon Series held in Geneva with Sri Lanka’s Ambassador

The Journalist and Writers Foundation in cooperation with the Dialog Institute and Geneva Press Club organized a panel event with a specific focus on Asian experiences of peace building. The event was held on Thursday, April 2, 2015, as a follow-up to the Geneva Peace Conference that was convened last year on October. Unlike the global focus of the Geneva Peace Conference, the Asian Panel is part of the Ambassador’s Luncheon Series whose main purpose is to discuss the outcomes of the Conference from a perspective of a regional context.

Mr. Guy Metan, director of Geneva Press Club, opened the event by expressing his support and pleasure to host events dealing with peace building initiatives. He then gave the floor to Mr. Subhas Gujadhur, director of Universal Rights Group, who briefly informed the audience about the outcomes of the Geneva Peace Conference and the expectations from the Ambassador’s Luncheon Series. He also introduced H.E. Ravinatha Pandubakhaya Aryasinha, permanent representative of Sri Lanka to UN at Geneva, who was the guest speaker. The ambassador’s comprehensive presentation had a specific focus on the role played by women, as part of the civil society, in building peace and resolving conflicts. He provided examples from Sri Lankan history of conflict and concluded by making final remarks on the important role of women in Sri Lankan politics today. The entire ambassador’s presentation can be found below.


The Role of Women in Peace-building: a Sri Lankan Perspective

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