Journalists and Writers Foundation(JWF), was established by a group of distinguished writers, scholars, and journalists in 1994 to contribute to peaceful coexistence and dialogue by bringing together intellectuals from all political spectrums with different cultural, religious, ethnic and ideological backgrounds that belong to the many diverse disciplines in science, religion, philosophy, politics, and art. Its mission is to look for ways of building a common living space based on reconciliation and mutual respect. Currently, there are six different platforms under the Foundation; each platform specializes in different aspects of building dialogue. These include the Abant Platform, Dialogue Eurasia, the Medialog Platform, the Intercultural Dialogue Platform, and the Women’s Platform. There is also a Research Centre. To carry its national mission in the international arena, the JWF holds General Consultative Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council, being the first and only institution to achieve this status in Turkey.

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